Típico patio toledano en el Hotel Almunia de San Miguel



Almunia de San Miguel is a lodging that takes us to a peaceful and enigmatic atmosphere in the heart of the area that was the old part of the Templar district of the city of Toledo.

botonreserva1A place of intimate dimensions and cozy rooms around a “patio” where the rooms are concentrated and which is the core of the building, following the tradition belonging to the typical houses of the city, tradition that goes back to the Roman peristyles and which was skillfully and cleverly continued by the Arabs, spreading the old city of buildings of austere facades although their inner parts preserve beautiful interiors. The inside part of the building, in this case, takes us to other times, invokes us peace and calm and that luxury that has been already lost and Almunia hotel recovers and transmits us just crossing the door threshold.


The origins of the building date from the 17th century although the dotation of the old aljibe [old deposit of water] (current dining room for breakfast) comes from the Middle Ages. Again we are related to a Templar past, mysterious and with a tendency to legends and different story-tellings…”latest cutting-edge” issues nowadays.

Without going so far, the hotel Almunia itself turns into an improvised stage of the novel El Gran Arcano (The Great Arcane) by Paloma Sanchez-Garnica. Almunia… its name sounds as Al-Andalus legend, a nostalgic wish on the banks of the Tagus river… and this way, delving into the past, we find the perfect name: “Almunia”, a word from the classical munyah Arabic, which means “wish” but also “garden”, “orchard” that in the case of this lodging it has turned into a “patio”, a beautifully calm and quiet space, just as the city where it is located.

The different rooms and levels are organized around the classical “patio” of Toledo. Some vegetation, different fabrics and materials create a quiet atmosphere transmitting sensuality in relation with lighting, music and even the soft aromas of each room. Purple and golden colours and the different range of yellowish and vanilla decoration envelopes everything.

The decorative elements remind us of the multicultural combination and tradition of the city: Christian wooden carvings, pottery with kufic script, Jewish menorahs (candelabrums), stenciled with Andalusian proverbs… On the top floor, the panoramic terrace offers the client spectacular views of the sunset above the roofs of a city dominated by the cathedral.



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